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We take great pride in being the global center of excellence for adrenal tumor disease and adrenal surgery. When it comes to adrenal disease there is nothing we have not seen. We are completely dedicated to the mission of patient care, science and education. When it comes to patient care we treat our patients as family members. From the day you call us, email us or contact us in any other way you are part of our adrenal family. As you will see as you read through these pages, Dr. Carling has been involved in all major research studies over the last 15 years concerning adrenal tumor disease. There is virtually nothing he has not seen when it comes to adrenal disease.

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In today’s healthcare environment with increasing insurance premiums, cost of healthcare, and difficulty with access to healthcare, we believe we are a complete game changer when it comes to adrenal disease. We are not only better, safer, more efficient, and friendly but less expensive!

How is this possible? Not do we only provide the greatest quality of care anywhere in the world, we abolish complications from adrenal surgery and at the same time reduce costs both to the patients and their payers. The reason we can do this is we understand adrenal disease. Yes, knowledge is power. This may seem like an obvious concept. We do not order unnecessary lab tests, unnecessary expensive scans that provide no beneficial information. We arrive at the correct diagnosis and treatment much faster and without wasting time and money for the patient or anybody involved.

The reason we can do this is because we know what we are doing. We have done this before. We have seen it before. We have done hundreds of these operations and we just do not mess around. and the Carling Adrenal Center represents the global center of excellence for adrenal disease. As you will learn adrenal tumor disease and surgery is very tricky for those that do not know what there are doing but very straightforward, easy, safe and fast if you have an experienced team and surgeon. You need the most experienced surgeon in the world to perform your or your loved one’s operation.

We created this website for you!

Carling Adrenal Center Logo The Carling Adrenal Center performs more adrenal surgery than any other hospital in the world with superior results. The reason we have created this website is to enhance the education of our patients. We are completely dedicated to the educational mission of our patients. We are 100% convinced that the more informed and educated the patients are about their disease the better and more informed choices they will make for their health. In addition, it will make it so much easier for the patient to understand the signs and symptoms their disease. Also, they will understand the pros and cons of various treatment options. And maybe most importantly when they understand the disease process, it will give them a peace of mind.

We are also committed to enhancing the knowledge of the medical provider community--the doctors and nurses that take care of you. It is true that most doctors may see none, one or only a handful of adrenal tumor patients in their entire career. Although, these might be great doctors, it is difficult to be an expert on something you may never have seen in your entire career. is here to take the mystery out of understanding adrenal gland function, adrenal gland disease, adrenal gland tumors, adrenal cancer and all forms of adrenal gland surgery

Remember, for most patients, the Mini-Back Scope Adrenalectomy (the Mini-PRSA) is by far the best operation.