How to Have Adrenal Surgery with Dr. Carling at the Carling Adrenal Center in Tampa, Florida

Adrenal surgery can be difficult and challenging. Because of the demand for our expertise in mini-adrenal surgery (Mini Back Scope Adrenalectomy; MBSA) and our exceptional results, we perform more adrenal surgery than any hospital or university in the world. More than half of our adrenal surgery patients live outside of the state of Florida. Our system allows patients to have their adrenal disease and adrenal tumor evaluated before taking the trip to Tampa, so you make one trip here and have only one visit with us to cure your problem. Dr. Carling and his very experienced team make adrenal surgery routine, safe, and successful. This page will tell you how to have your operation with us, what it costs, and how the process works. You will be amazed at how efficient the system is.

This page will walk you through the process of how to be our patient in 5 steps:

  1. Understand what makes our practice unique and our reputation as the best adrenal surgeons in the world.
  2. Understand our fees. We take almost all insurance for the operation, but some patients chose to pay for a Second Opinion Online Consultation ahead of time.
  3. Contact us at
  4. Fill out our secure, encrypted, new-patient form for new adrenal patients.
  5. Obtain a medical opinion, consultation, and treatment recommendation with Dr. Carling, and then come to Tampa for your operation.

The Carling Adrenal Center is the World's Leading Adrenal Surgery Center

You will be treated by the most experienced adrenal surgeons and the most experienced team dedicated to adrenal surgery. This experience gives our center unparalleled results. Historically, over 99% of all patients are cured at their very first visit with us--with over 90 % having an operation that routinely takes between 20 and 45 minutes. Don't let the fact that we perform so many adrenal surgeries make you think that we don't treat our patients well. We do! In fact, every patient is given Dr. Carling's cell phone number (and the other doctors, too) so they have access to them if the need arises. We don't have an answering service. Importantly, we do not have students or surgery residents perform any part of the operation. Click here to read more about Dr Carling. Nobody in the world performs more adrenal operations than him, and we're pretty sure there is nothing about adrenal disease and adrenal surgery he has not seen.

We Help Arrange Everything Except the Travel

We provide the safest and most successful adrenal operation available anywhere in the world, which is why we have hundreds of 5-star reviews and testimonials from hundreds of patients who had adrenal surgery with Dr. Carling, including many physicians who traveled to have surgery with him. We will help arrange all aspects of the trip except the travel. Typically, a patient can fly to Tampa, have their adrenal operation, and return home in the same time that he/she would be in the hospital if a standard adrenal operation was performed in their hometown. Nearly all of our patients go home the same day of their adrenal operation or the very next morning.

We Communicate Directly with Your Doctors and Endocrinologist

We know many of the endocrinologists in the U.S., and most of them know Dr. Carling. We are happy to chat with your doctors prior to you making your trip here for surgery, and we ALWAYS communicate with your doctors after your operation so they know exactly what is going on. They will get all of your written reports within a few days.
With one visit to the Carling Adrenal Center you will spend a day with us and take care of every aspect of your adrenal problem, putting it behind you for good for more than 95% of patients. During this one visit you will consult with Dr. Carling, meet the members of his team, and have your operation. You will see Dr. Carling again after the operation several times and he will speak with your doctor. Some of you will go home (or back to the hotel) a few hours after the operation, but others will spend one night and go home the next day. For the rare patient who has adrenal cancer or huge tumors (>12 cm), the process is a bit more complex, but we are experts at that, too.

What does it cost?

There are two primary categories of fees to consider:
  1. the Online Second Opinion Consultation with Dr. Carling
  2. the operation itself

Whether or not your insurance covers these two services depends on your health plan benefit, but we can check the benefit for you ahead of time to see if your insurance will cover the services. We are in-network for most major health plans which will cover the cost of the operation, however, most of the insurers we are in-network with cover in-person, face-to-face services only. This means the operation itself will be covered, but not the online medical opinion consultation. The majority of health insurance plans will not pay for the online medical opinion consultation. If your health insurance plan does not cover the online medical opinion consultation, you are responsible for payment of that fee.

The fee for our Second Opinion Online Consultation service is $1,500

If you want to obtain an Online Second Opinion Consultation, but you cannot afford the fee, please let us know. We will make every effort to work with you so you can afford it. If you are on a limited income and cannot afford our fee, we may be able to reduce or waive your consultation fee. Also, if you come for an office visit, your insurance may cover the cost.

What does the Online Second Opinion Consultation service entail?

Our practice makes it easier for patients and their physicians to access the world's top adrenal specialists without the need for travel. In the time it would take you to travel for an in-person appointment with a specialist in Tampa and receive their diagnosis and recommendations, your Online Second Opinion Consultation could already be completed. This allows our patients to save the time and travel expenses of multiple trips to Tampa. With our online consultation, Dr. Carling will speak with you after a thorough review of your clinical records, including detailed review of any imaging studies such as CT, MRI, PET scans, etc. He will discuss your medical condition with you and answer any questions you may have. You (and your doctor) will then receive a very nicely organized summary of your condition, complete with our recommendations.

Confused? Don't be! You will be assigned to one of our coordinators who will be your contact person throughout this process. We will collect your records and tests, organize your chart, and Dr. Carling will render a diagnosis to determine if you have adrenal tumor disease, how severe it is, and what your best means of treatment would be.

What if I want an in-person exam and consultation in Tampa, instead of the online medical opinion consultation?

The majority of our patients elect to obtain an Online Second Opinion Consultation because of the convenience and immediacy it offers, and because they can avoid making travel arrangements to and from Tampa for that consult. However, if you prefer to travel to Tampa for an in-person exam and consult, that is always an option; simply request it from our office staff. We will schedule you for a time when an in-person exam and consult is available. You would likely need to return to Tampa during a second visit in order to have your operation. In-person exams and consults are typically covered by insurance plans, but it still depends on the rules of your insurer and your specific benefit plan. All patients have the right to come to Tampa for an in-person consultation and in that situation the online medical opinion consultation fee would not apply. Our goal is to take care of you and get you better. Our clinic is located at 5959 Webb Road, Tampa, FL 33615.

The Best Adrenal Surgeon and the Most Experienced Adrenal Surgeon in the World

Dr. Tobias Carling of the Carling Adrenal Center

Updated: Monday April 18th, 2022

  • First adrenal operation cure rate - Non-Cancer: 99.6%
  • Average operative time for Mini Back Scope Adrenalectomy (MBSA) - 33 minutes (total time from first cut to band-aid)
  • Average number of adrenal operations performed every week - 5.5
  • How often we use doctors-in-training (anesthesiology residents) to help with your anesthesia - never.
  • How often we have doctors-in-training (surgery residents) do part or all of your operation - never.
  • How often we operate on people over 80 years of age - about every 2 weeks.
  • Number of states patients come from - 50 (about 60% of patients are from outside Florida).
  • How often we operate on patients from Europe - every week.
  • How often we operate on patients from Canada - every week.
  • How many publications in major medical journals about adrenal disease and surgery - over 120.
  • How often Dr Carling operates on a doctor or nurse - several times per week (they know!).

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